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Saturday, November 29, 2008

recast of my own version(MK MECHA) unicorn gatling gun

well well well...look like nowaday my blog is quite famous ady in fanatic hobby link...everyone is keep talking abt SAGE ver gatling gun and say i m selling in high price......well in here i m really very "bo siok" (no happy) ady....from now on i m gonna to announce that i m going to recast the unicorn gatling gun and redesign it myself.....all of that will not recast to plastic or resin kit...welll i m gonna recast it to fully aluminium kit......and for future my product price is juz only control by myself....stay tune for more...

(gatling gun ver MK MECHA/ fully alu kit for unicorn gundam (starting in design to recast it))


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! This is serious firepower man!

Q said...

Wow aluminium-cast gattling for Unicorn Gundam! That's truly bling there~

Say, given that you made a post on your work on the cocking handle, do you work for weapons manufacturer? Just curious as you are able to make this too.

Ok'ed for link exchange; added yours already to my blog.

otaku gunpla said...

@ Q..nil...i juz working in a company working on aerospace... for the cocking handle project is my company 1st article to get business from singkapoh army force...well....what i also can done....depend i want to do it or not.....just only my time is very very limited cause i m working in long hrs job.....1 mnth i think i only have 1 day rest only...and i m an engineer cum designer cum programmer in my own company....well you don't have to trust me....just only from now on time does a matter...i don't know hw long i can finish design my own gatling gun....just only let you know time really is a matter

@Dennis....asking you something....who start a business don't wan earn profit wan...correct....and all my gatling gun is deliver here sending by EMS everything sure will be higher abit....rite?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Bro Otaku, your job seems exciting interesting with creativity involved. It will be perfect if you have to work such long hours.