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Monday, December 15, 2008

final process for the JENSEN RACING TEAM engine cover(titanium material) back again....previously i m post thing the way i m making on the last part of TEAM JENSEN RACING MOTOGP superbike engine cover....the pic shown as below.....

---------------------------(before color treatment)---------------------
since yesterday i have finish this part......the person incharge of the TEAM JENSEN RACING already come collect it and took it for the some color treatment....and then just now he have resend it back to my company for the final process for engraving the team name on the the way that is hw look like of the part after have apply some color treatment and also after i'm doing some process(engraving team name) to the part .....
---------------------------(after color treatment)----------------------------
---------------------------(finale look of the part)---------------------------
below i m gonna post some video hw i m working on it....
*note*behind the video u will see me appear...xD...for those who is my admire you all gt luck today...xD

wooo yeeee.........victory for me....feel like have receive some award from JENSEN RACING for helping them redesign all the part own table...for me easy work on designing and programming
and present you all that the software i m using to design and programming.....the software name is call "unigrapic" enjoy the video

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