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Friday, February 27, 2009

final look of the BERSERKER

finally i m finish my gundam head ady....sry all for the late updating...cause of working life....finally i have finish the i m needing you all ppl opinion to vote the suitable head for my strike-e..currently there is only 2 choice for you ppl to vote...take a look picture below
original strike-e face wth the helmet (type A)
strike-e type B wth using freedom face to mod...
here is the side view of my head...for sure SBHBOI ady c these picture b4 cause i have sending these pic to him by mobile before...guys for me i m choosing back the original strike-e head cause what i m thinking is strike-e head if using the freedom face to mod...i m scare that will lost the strike family i m decide to vote for the type A head...what your choice...and follow by below picture is just final look for my strike-e ms...haven't totally finish mod it...pls take a look

some skill for SBHBOI to do hw to torso on EXS...

anytime standby to deliver to you...:P......yeah....tomolo i can go apply so color part ady....that all....stay tune for more.. :P


Evaritus Lau said...

Great mod especially the head, much fierce than previous ideas bro !

So I vote for A as well, much better look now.

Q said...

I think I will vote for B as the normal grill lines in the face look more normal than Strike-E's side grill lines. Just my opinion though.

But a pointer face will be nice, or perhaps add some grey to the side of the face so it looks narrower and sharper perhaps?

Btw I remember you requested a link exchange a long time ago, I've added yours already, so you can do the same on your side when you have the time~

Anonymous said...

Personally, type A is better! Nice modding! Especially the back skirt loaded with beam pistol!

otaku gunpla said...

Q>>yaya..i remember wad have promise 2 exchange link..thnx for remind me..i will do it soon coz nw currently just using my mobile on9 do some post only..wen i do on9 by pc i will add u soon in my blogroll k..hope u understand.. :)

Aulon said...

I would go with A-type head, It looks better IMO I think that this model will look awesome :D I just LOVE skuls ( actualy I just think that Crossbone's are awesomely designed :D), and btw check my blog if you have some time :D