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Thursday, November 19, 2009

the time i putty up my hand..arggggg

arg!!the incident happen few day ago when i have a ride on my friends car..after that incident..i dcide putty up my hand to mod my hand..:P...argg!!!!!3mnth kenot work..and doing ntg...arggg!!!!y i m so bad luck....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

kambing bck soon.....OTAKU 2010

yesh...ayam back here again..sorry for let u ppl wait for so long....juz wanna share through by here what i m secretly train is some pic to show.... the robotical arm..that was call "god arm in my working field...stay tuned till for more otaku stuff....willl be back patient...all my mate....time to go now...bye

the video about robotic god arm...pls enjoy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

juz transfer my old blog post to here

my nephew

last yrs gathering v my kampong best fren.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


yes is me again...long time din come here update for my blog....for this post is not linking to any hobby or abt my post for a my grandmom....yesh...i found the news last thursday morning from my sister call that inform me that grandmom is passaway on wednesday midnite...erm.....i duno what to write abt what anymore...cause now i m not in mood....hope u all is some pic taken from my grandmom hse and the ceremony...

duno what to say now....i think is time to end it here...stay tune for more otaku news

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MISTER LINKY under construction

what the fark!!! mister linky url all are i lost most all the hobby mate link...for any1 i reconize there..pls do me a favour...adding bck ur url bck at would be 100% thankful for u all...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

otaku is back...(BERSERKER is WIP and FULL ARMOR is almost start WIP)

yesh is me back here again..yeah...juz bck for few day onli...after 2days will goingh bck on training again...hehe....sry guyz for keep u all wait so long till neck long i m thinking most of u guyz all 4gt me this otaku matter hw the thing goes on....this blog still need update...m i rite...ok better stop rubbish talk here...let c what i have done on BERSERKER for this 2 days...

ehhh.....sry if my explaination not good.....cause i m not familiar in explanation...well...on other hand...i gt some insperation from some jpn blog show hw to mod the ori i have take a try on my non grade 1/100 strike gundam is the original look of the gun...and below is the ori gun is the way i cut the gun.... is the result for the gun and adding some detailing on it ady...damm it...i din realize a ori gun also can mod into like that..that take me 3 hrs to complete mod on it....what a good 1st try for me hehe the ori gun and the gun that i have complete mod and build...guyz...give me some comment....
piew piew!!piew piew!!..hw that all..look...act on the earli i m tot to giving up my berserker 2 small gun and replace the new on i m thinking that will it look too powerful for berserker...cause the backpack is ady full strike weapon system...and also the weapon is ady alot....and finalli i m decide to reserve it to my full armor implse.....and yesh...u guyz is not looking wrong...currently my full armor also is starting 1st is i ady decide the head is juz 1st inspiration on my impulse head...mayb soon gonna redo some more work..

ok let it all stop here...i m gonna to take my nap now...cause of tomolo morning needing earli wake up fpr some company same as what i say last time...stay tune for more otaku stuff...i don't know when i m gonna bck here for sure is hope u guyz keep remember me..hehe

Friday, February 27, 2009

final look of the BERSERKER

finally i m finish my gundam head ady....sry all for the late updating...cause of working life....finally i have finish the i m needing you all ppl opinion to vote the suitable head for my strike-e..currently there is only 2 choice for you ppl to vote...take a look picture below
original strike-e face wth the helmet (type A)
strike-e type B wth using freedom face to mod...
here is the side view of my head...for sure SBHBOI ady c these picture b4 cause i have sending these pic to him by mobile before...guys for me i m choosing back the original strike-e head cause what i m thinking is strike-e head if using the freedom face to mod...i m scare that will lost the strike family i m decide to vote for the type A head...what your choice...and follow by below picture is just final look for my strike-e ms...haven't totally finish mod it...pls take a look

some skill for SBHBOI to do hw to torso on EXS...

anytime standby to deliver to you...:P......yeah....tomolo i can go apply so color part ady....that all....stay tune for more.. :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

IWSP updated me back again..sry for the late updated my all is the current mod after some result have shown,.
afer have torso on the freedom head...look like now it fit into strike-e helmet ady...and the between the v-fin.....c some clue...yesh a crossbone skull (after have cement) that have been present from my best hobby mate from sabah *SBHBOI* just left the side ear torso only
i have juz realize that if i m gonna combine da strike-e side skirt wth the back look more bigger then ever since last time i m decide to using my freedom front skirt to mod on to my strike-e front now i m decide that the side skirt gonna using strike side skirt wth the small knife....and the strike-e side skirt wth the 2 gun gonna mod to back skirt so that the gun will gonna be the hidden weapon..:P
the last time pic that showing the freedom front skirt trying to mod on strike-e
for the SBHBOI ideal....the iwsp wing to mod till can make it is juz normal inspiration only....haven't torso on the noir backpack...the pis is shown as the wing fod and flight mode.

and the hint number 1=the aile backpack from OTACON best mate have arive few day is the mod on the aile backpack.....
after the torso on the aile backpack.....
the result after the cement.....and that all for today guys....stay tune for more otaku times is limited now..before i go .....some announcemnet at here...for my old blog i m gonna temporary shut it down and change to guys pls don't go view my old blog anymore....cause won't update again....bye all for now....really need to go.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

suprising news for me

early early morning receive a call frm my sister...she is inform me my mom caught in stroke y,day midnight an have been send 2 hospital for medical treatment..nw
i m on the way rushing back my hometown..using my phone blogging fo this post..cause i fell very helpless..i don,t know what can i do...juz hope my mom is in good situation..pls pray for my mom guys.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BAKUC smell...woooo

yesh.....back again...currently would like to share some of my mod......
here is the look of my own IWSP....well....after have getting all the dimension of the backpack....i think i needing to do some torso on my not for now....will be work on it after i receive the aile backpack that i have bought from OTACON...
here the leg that i m gonna to cement some spare part of my spoiled gundam.....
erm.....what i m thinking that the skirt of the strike-e is doesn't seem big mayb i m gonna using my freedom skirt mod into it.....this the inspiration i gt just now..
1st inspiration strike-e head also will be going to mod into this...yeah...will be using the freedom head and crossbone skull(the crossbone chest skull juz only borrow from my fren's gundam,gonna looking this item also,...who wanna sell me...xP) onto mod it into my strike-e helmet......hw da look of it...i haven't cement it or torso it yet....leave some comment to me so that i can do better then it......time to sleep ady.....gonna say goodbye to you all again.....that all for today.....stay tune for more otaku stuff...XP