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Friday, February 27, 2009

final look of the BERSERKER

finally i m finish my gundam head ady....sry all for the late updating...cause of working life....finally i have finish the i m needing you all ppl opinion to vote the suitable head for my strike-e..currently there is only 2 choice for you ppl to vote...take a look picture below
original strike-e face wth the helmet (type A)
strike-e type B wth using freedom face to mod...
here is the side view of my head...for sure SBHBOI ady c these picture b4 cause i have sending these pic to him by mobile before...guys for me i m choosing back the original strike-e head cause what i m thinking is strike-e head if using the freedom face to mod...i m scare that will lost the strike family i m decide to vote for the type A head...what your choice...and follow by below picture is just final look for my strike-e ms...haven't totally finish mod it...pls take a look

some skill for SBHBOI to do hw to torso on EXS...

anytime standby to deliver to you...:P......yeah....tomolo i can go apply so color part ady....that all....stay tune for more.. :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

IWSP updated me back again..sry for the late updated my all is the current mod after some result have shown,.
afer have torso on the freedom head...look like now it fit into strike-e helmet ady...and the between the v-fin.....c some clue...yesh a crossbone skull (after have cement) that have been present from my best hobby mate from sabah *SBHBOI* just left the side ear torso only
i have juz realize that if i m gonna combine da strike-e side skirt wth the back look more bigger then ever since last time i m decide to using my freedom front skirt to mod on to my strike-e front now i m decide that the side skirt gonna using strike side skirt wth the small knife....and the strike-e side skirt wth the 2 gun gonna mod to back skirt so that the gun will gonna be the hidden weapon..:P
the last time pic that showing the freedom front skirt trying to mod on strike-e
for the SBHBOI ideal....the iwsp wing to mod till can make it is juz normal inspiration only....haven't torso on the noir backpack...the pis is shown as the wing fod and flight mode.

and the hint number 1=the aile backpack from OTACON best mate have arive few day is the mod on the aile backpack.....
after the torso on the aile backpack.....
the result after the cement.....and that all for today guys....stay tune for more otaku times is limited now..before i go .....some announcemnet at here...for my old blog i m gonna temporary shut it down and change to guys pls don't go view my old blog anymore....cause won't update again....bye all for now....really need to go.....