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Sunday, September 7, 2008

my product

to all gunpla fever....i brought to you my product....the 6 pcs of solid aluminium booster and 2 way beam saber......leave some comment to me..of course for those who go to my old blog before sure have know about that.....but don't feel upset.....scroll down more....i have another new set of own design alu booster

here we new design product......a combine angle assembly angle booster..

the look after finish assembly....

and also here is mine straight combine aluminium booster.....and below pics is the part after assembly look

for those modeling shop who is interesting can email me to my acc asking for price....cause i m supply these to any country or acc is thnx all


MyKy said...

hey dude nice shits u got there man!!
Wow even got the beam saber holder!!
Berapa harge ^^

kj-fy said...

any gunpla can wear?