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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

complete of my own product just very happy till cannot sleep...eventhough i m now just off from the work.....cause i just receive the parcel y'day i have the complete set of my own all see own creation 1 way and 2 way beam saber,socket pin, and thrusted....huhu.....but seem i need to change my manufactured soon....cause current company is treating me as their customer as well.....and also didn't follow the designation of my own to processing my the quality i still can gonna say good bye to my current manufactured company.....and gonna to doing my own creation know guys.....sometimes you gt to doing someting yourself by depending other ppl help from now on all the production no matter 1st batch or 2nd batch product or new creation...i m gonna to do it by for that you guys no need to having business wth me gonna ending today post at here now...cause sleepy ady.... e.ezzzz.......stay tune for more otaku gunpla or product......

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